How to help


Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. They not only save the organization money, but time. Time to get many important things done that might not have otherwise been possible. Our rescue is run by folks who generously volunteer their time, homes and hearts in order to help. We are in need of volunteers in a variety of areas including but not limited to:

We are always coming up with new ideas for fundraising, including special programs as you can see on our site, garage sales, and anything else we can think of through out the year to raise funds. We are also always open to fundraising suggestions.

We often get our dogs from out of state and they need to be transported to the area. We are frequently in need of volunteers to meet transport or drive to pick up dogs. If you are able to drive out of state to pick up dogs, PAWS Rescue will reimburse for gas money. If you are interested in volunteering, email us at


Because PAWS rescues dogs from very rural animal shelters, there are often lots of hidden medical problems that will need to be addressed once they come to us. PAWS rescue is dedicated to providing quality medical care to all our dogs and therefore our vet bills accumulate quickly. Many times puppies will come to us exposed to PARVO and one dog alone can cost several thousand dollars to treat. Between unexpected vet expenses and the normal expenses such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, and other routine care, we are always looking for resources to pay for it.

Fill in desired amount and then click the Donate button below to make your contribution to PAWS Rescue.

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We Need Supplies

PAWS Rescue could use donations of the following items:

  • Dog toys and treats
  • Dog food
  • Wire crates (preferably those that collapse)
  • Stamps and other office supplies
  • Collars and leashes
  • Cleaning supplies including bleach and paper towels

If you would like to donate items to PAWS Rescue please email Thank You!