Adoption Process

Step One: Fill out the application.
Begin by completing our adoption application. You can also print and email it to

Step two: Meet the dog!
Our dogs will be available at various adoption events or you can meet the dog at its foster home if the foster family is willing. If you would like to meet a specific dog, please email us in advance at

Step Three: The interview.
You will be interviewed by two PAWS Rescue Group adoption coordinators. During the interview, your application will be reviewed and you will be asked general questions about yourself, your family, your lifestyle, and living situations. The purpose of the interview is to determine if you are a good fit for the dog you are trying to adopt.

Step Four: Vet check.
If you have had a pet as an adult in the recent past, PAWS Rescue Group will be contacting your vet to verify that the animal is up to date on vaccinations.

Step Five: Home check.
If everything has checked out, the final piece of the approval process is the home check. On the home check, the dog will come with the PAWS volunteer. If the home check goes well, your application will be approved. The dog will stay in your home and the adoption paperwork will be completed during the home visit.